At Circles Waterfront Restaurant in Apollo Beach, we strive to provide all of our guests with an exceptional dining experience. Our experienced staff, relaxed marina setting, creative menu, and the freshest ingredients all combine to make our vision a reality. We pride ourselves on our exacting standards and uncompromising commitment to quality. Although we are aware that we don’t always get everything 100% right, that’s the goal we strive to meet everyday.

Only the Freshest Ingredients…

Fresh ingredients are the basis upon which all of our dishes are made:

  • Local seafood is delivered straight to our restaurant directly from the docks.
  • Imported seafood is flown in overnight fresh – NEVER frozen.
  • Our soups are made from scratch, some with over 50 ingredients.
  • All salads are prepared to order and dressed with house-made dressings.
  • Our sauces are scratch made-to-order – NEVER premade or bought.
  • The owner’s 72-year old mother makes all the deserts from scratch.

Our belief that the best meals are created from the freshest ingredients is reflected in our kitchen. The one small freezer we own constitutes only 5% of our overall refrigerated food storage. For example, even our calamari is flown in fresh – not frozen, and we receive it whole – not cut. We hand-cut each piece, dip it into our original house-made batter which is prepared daily from scratch, and then hand-fry it in single made-to-order batches.

In addition, we have a 72-hour turnover on our entire food inventory, which means that nothing, from seafood to salad ingredients, is ever in our pantry for more than three days. This type of turnover is unheard of in our segment of the restaurant industry. The choices we make on food selection, storage, and preparation are unparalleled in our area and we believe they are paramount in creating truly great food.

What This Means to Our Guests…


Since each menu item is made-to-order and from scratch, they take longer to prepare than if we used commercially made or frozen products. We’ve made a conscious choice to place quality over convenience to assure our guests have an exceptional dining experience. Due to our high standards, during peak dining hours there may be longer wait times for your meals than what you are used to at other restaurants. Dining with us on non-peak evenings and non-peak hours can reduce this wait, and assure that you are seated when and where you choose.

We know that the wait times are sometimes longer than some people expect and we apologize for this. However, ourfresh, original, made-to-order meals are the best in the Tampa-Bay area and we believe they are well worth the wait. Fortunately, most of our patrons agree.

Circles Site Plan / Site Map

  1. Apollo Beach Boulevard
  2. Main Parking Lot
  3. Overflow Parking – Side Lot
  4. Main Building Pedestrian Entrance
  5. Inside Main Bar
  6. Indoor Fine Dining Room
  7. Patio Waterfront Dining
  8. Outdoor Garden/Enclave w/ Fireplace
  9. Waterside Tiki Tent
  10. Waterside Tiki Bar
  11. Circles Reserved Boat Slips
  12. Fueling Dock – Gas & Diesel
  13. Lands End Marina Hi&Dry/Office
  14. Lands End Marina Parking